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Sharing Christ Internationally (SCI)

Prayer requests

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  • Pray for wisdom for the Trustees of SCI
  • Pray for adequate resourcing for the work of SCI
  • PRAISE GOD that the last of the translated books of the Bible has been approved for publication!
    This the first full Bible in the Mongolian Bible that has been thoroughly approved by fully
    qualified Translation Consultants from two major Bible agencies.
  • PLEASE PRAY that the remaining editing, proofreading and typesetting will go smoothly.
  • PRAY also that God will move the hearts of His people to provide the funds needed for the printing and distribution of the new Mongolian Bible.

Opportunities to serve

- the work needs God's people to get involved, short term and long term. Short term people do not need to try to learn any foreign language. Are you retired? SCI has no upper age restrictions.

There are lots of jobs to be done, both in UK and in Mongolia

Computer Support
Short term help with computer work, set up and problem solving. Good computer knowledge required.
One or more trained optometrists to operate clinics
TEFL English Teachers
Many opportunities, short and long term to teach English at various levels.
Vehicle Drivers
Short term person to drive and repair vehicles assisting in country-wide distrbution of Scriptures and Christian publications.
Vehicle Mechanics
Short term capable people to repair and service large vehicles, Land Rover and a Mercedes lorry. Garage facilities available.
Assistance with building
Short term people to help with building work.

For further information contact Sharing Christ Internationally, PO Box 351, London W10 5GB
or request information about these positions by email here.

Who would fit this?

SCI has the policy that it is God alone who sends out workers and God who supports them through the gifts of his people. Many other well known Christian missions have a similar policy. SCI then is used by God to assist the people he sends to get to needy countries and work for him there. An applicant needs to be happy with such a basis. A wide range of opportunities exists. An applicant needs to have a good relationship with God. They also need to have a consciousness that God is sending them, and share the convictions as seen in the SCI doctrinal statement.

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