Sharing Christ Internationally



Sharing Christ Internationally (SCI)

Object of the Trust

The object of the Trust is the advancement of the Christian faith throughout the world.

The work includes:

The work done in line with the above Objective has included:

  • Translation, publication and distribution of the Bible into Mongolian, as well as a range of Christian books for Mongolians where ever they may be in the world, including the Western World.
  • Translation of Christian songs and films into Mongolian
  • Adaptation of translations into dialects of Mongolian spoken in China and Russia
  • Direct evangelism
  • Aid and development work for the people of Mongolia who are blind or who have low vision. This includes Talking Books service and books in Braille, with the supply of spectacles to children who did not have them
  • The teaching of English in Mongolia and China
  • Student evangelism in Eastern Europe
  • Preaching and teaching the Bible, whether in the West or elsewhere

God has done great things!

The keynote of the whole ministry is that it is God who works, so we do not emphasise individual people.

Let God alone be glorified!


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